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  • Hello everyone!!
    Newbie here. I have just installed WordPress and I’m very impressed. Found it very easy to install and set up for general blogging purposes.
    However, I have goal in mind, and that is to use WP to power my entire site. This is something I achieved using Movable Type. Within MT, I utilized the different templates for the index, a category page and an individual entry page.
    Selected categories were used as a global navigation bar which sat horizontally across the page (About, Contact, Services etc). When 1 category was clicked a page with the entries assigned to it was displayed. Furthermore, when one of the individual entries were clicked on a page was displayed that displayed only that entry. Along with this were (using a side bar as navigation)a link to posts within the same category (related links) were displayed. I was also able to use the tags within MT to create things like breadcrumb trail and stuff.
    Now I installed WP with the thoughts that I could do something similar. I’m not a PHP whiz, but understand basics and feel I can learn quickly. I have however found it hard to get my head around where I would begin. So If anyone has done this before or know of any tutorials or instructions I would be very grateful.
    I am aware that Wp if very different from MT in that it is dynamically driven rather than creating static pages (and correct me if I’m wrong here). I found only one template (index.php) and I’m finding it difficult to work out how I would add code to fulfill my goals.
    To begin with I would appreciate guidance on know how I would:
    – Display categories as global navigation
    – On each category page, display sub categories related only to that parent category
    – On individual entries pages display links that belong to that entries category (or ideally any related entry – using metadata?)
    I am familiar with CSS, and the positioning of such sections of the page, I can achieve, I just don’t know how to generate these page dynamically from the choices the user would select.
    Also, can a faceted classification be achieved with WP?
    Hope I made sense here and would be grateful for replies!!
    Many thanks in advance,
    Lee Allen.

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  • From what I’ve seen, anything that’s possible with MT is possible on WP. Excellent example is which is now powered by WP. IMO WP still doesn’t have all the documentation and fully-established community of MT but the dev team and users on this forum and the IRC chan are eager to help.
    Personally, I think MT’ers have the most difficulty with .htaccess/mod_rewrite in WP. The PHP-enabled functions/tags generate dynamic content but it’s the mod_rewrite rules that generate the dynamic file and archive structure. With MT, whenever you made changes or posted new content, you clicked on Rebuild to generate the pages into static HTML. With WP, you take one step back and it’s almost like you’re letting the user click on Rebuild, except they’re only “rebuilding” what they want to see. Say a visitor wanted the post titled “blah” on May 28, 2004, which would be located at With MT, the server offers up the static HTML page generated for that date with that title. With WP, the mod_rewrite rules collect the info from the URI, pass it to index.php which retrieves the data from your MySQL database, and WP literally builds the post on the spot with the data.
    Once you understand how WP works, you actually begin to see that it’s not really all that different from MT. How did you build a static page with MT? Copy another page, rename, customize, and add a static link from your front page to it. Same with WP.
    With that said, I think you should make a shopping list of what you want on your new WP site and then tackle them one by one. So far, I’ve seen everything you want on your list either answered in the wiki or answered in a forum thread. If you browse through my forum history you’ll see some of the things you asked for.

    – On each category page, display sub categories related only to that parent category
    I need this feature too… 🙂

    Me too… or +1 to it.

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