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    I just noticed that wp-postratings.1.40 widget, which displays “Top Rated Posts” disappaeared from my ‘widgets’ list under my WP-ADMIN.

    The widget is still there on the BLOG, but as I cant see it, I cant move it or add it to another sidebar.

    What should I do? Do I need to de-activate the widget and reactivate it again? But doing so, I will loose all ratings stored.

    Please help!

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  • Sounds like at one time you had a theme with TWO sidebars, then went to a theme with ONE sidebar. Reactivate that two sidebar theme, remove the widgets on the 2nd sidebar, then go back to the one column theme and the widgets should be available.

    Related bug:

    NO, I Did Not.

    I instead added another Sidebar to my existing 3 Sidebar theme. I duplicated the Sidebar3.php, renamed it and changed Register_sidebars(3) to (4). But the widget may have disappeared with any other action but I am sure that I never swtiched to lower number of sidebars. I have even tried removing the Sidebar I created but cant find my missing widget.

    If you think this issue is worth opening a ticket or you want me to try to duplicate it, please let me know


    Do you have the WP-PostRatings WIDGET plugin activated? That’s separate from the WP-PostRatings plugin.


    There was default code in Sidebar_3, which would show “Top Rated Posts” if there is no function added by user. So, what happened was that as you pointed I forget to activate WP-PostRatingsWIDGET while have activated WP-PostRatings Plugin. So,when I activated WP-PostRatings Plugin, the Top Rated Posts started showing off on Sidebar and I thought it is due to WP-PostRatings Widget.

    I just saw WP-PostRatings Widget was not activated.

    Thanks Michael…Smart Work
    1) So,if I already have “Top Rated Posts” showing up, I may not need WP-PostRatings Widget while I can leave the Plugin there?
    2) My Sidebar also have default tag [<?php get_most_viewed(‘post’, 5); ?>], which would pull “most viewed” posts. Do you know it is based on which Plugin ( e.g ‘ stats’ plugin etc) ??

    1) If you do not need WP-PostRatings Widget, you can deactivate it.
    2) WP-PostViews

    OK. Thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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