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  • I just finished my first wordpress plugin as well as my first API… I was wondering if any of the kind folks over here might want let me know their impression or even try them out. There’s two parts:
    1.A wordpress plugin that geocodes a post’s topic location, and sends the title, link, excerpt etc. to our API.
    2.The API takes the info, and plots it on a Google map with said title, excerpt, and link back to the blog.

    Here’s the project:
    Thanks in advance for taking a look!

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  • Update, the plugin now inserts a Google map within a post (on the parent blog). It does all the geocoding, etc. – all the author has to do is enter the location and the “[map-this]” tag without the quotes.

    We’re working on a another function, “[map-all]”, that will plot all geotagged posts on a single map within a post or page.

    happy new year!

    Update 2:
    We now accept all RSS feed content for the map. Simply install GeoPress to get a geotagged RSS feed, and we do all the rest by indexing new posts with location data. Additionally, users can now enter their feed address and add location data through a map interface on the site.

    PS- it then provides a map of a post, a whole feed, or all of a user’s feeds mashed up together.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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