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    I have been developing a site in 2.2.3 and Post Rating has been working great on my dev server. In the interim, 2.3 has come out and I am trying to migrate over and launch in 2.3. Many of the plugins I have been using work great, but WP-Star Rating will not function.

    After activating the plugin, the browser refreshes to a blank screen and the only way to get back to normal is to delete the plugin from the folder. Although the dev site states it works in 2.3, my experience has proven otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My dev server has PHP 5.2.1, MySQL 5.0.37. The other plugins I have are:

    1. Adsense-Deluxe
    2. All in One SEO Pack
    3. Category Cloud Widget
    4. Enhanced WP-ContactForm
    5. My Category Order
    6. My Page Order
    7. PlugInstaller
    8. Slimbox Plugin
    9. Sub Pages widget
    10. Tiger Style Administration
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  • wp-postratings 1.20 will work with WP2.3 and not any version lower then it.

    I understand that. I had the older version working on the 2.2.3 site fine and when I migrated to WP 2.3, I downloaded the new version of wp-postrating to install it on the wp 2.3 site.

    After I activate wp-postrating 1.2 on my WP 2.3 site the screen refreshes to the blank screen. The only way to get the admin area to work properly is remove the plugin from the folder.

    must be some conflict with other plugins or your server just time out.

    “When updating a plugin, please make sure you deactivate the plugin first before launching your FTP software to overwrite the files. BUT the best way is to delete that particular plugin folder altogether instead of overwriting it.”

    This is all localhost right now. If the plugins page does not refresh after installing a plugin the only way I can delete it is to remove it from the directory.

    I have disable all plugins and removed any ones that I was not using. I have reactivated only the plugins I require for the site and everything seems to be working fine. Odd, since they are the same plugins that were active before…oh well.

    GamerZ – great plugin and thanks! Quick question; with the widget, if I wanted to break the line so Title is on one line and the rating drops down with a <br /> tag how might I do that?

    under WP-Admin -> Ratings -> Ratings Options, look for highest rated template (I assume you mean this)

    Perfect. Thanks so much!

    Hi, GamerZ!

    Thanks for great plugin!

    Some sort of problem: rating always have one paragraph for itself. How can i split it with another paragraphs? (I don’t have any <br>’s)



    I want, for example, in one string:

    Number of comments | Rating

    But Rating is always placed alone on entire string. CSS width in plugin can’t help. So where can I change this?


    Is there anybody? somebody? 😉

    <?php the_ratings('span'); ?>

    GamerZ, it doesn’t work ;(

    I still have 2 strings…

    then it must be your theme ending with </p> or </div> or <br />

    In 2.5 my Post Rating Options doesn’t have any images, only text. Does anyone have a cure for this? I’m using WP-PostRatings & WP-PostRatings Widget 1.20.

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