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  • oh i see, sure thing, when it is done send me a copy? =D

    I took my poll off for the time being, but I went into the files and took the tables out as well. I just called in things through the .CSS. 🙂

    i see. care to share it?

    cool. sure link the code =D

    Cheers, I have downloaded it =)

    I’m a total newbie to this stuff (linux, php, the whole lot), but it seems that in my-hacks.php that Max zipped up, Line 54 (that adds in pollbar.gif) is commented out. Perhaps this should not be the case?

    yap, you try to uncomment it?

    GamerZ – tres cool. Another example of a new hack to address ‘missing pieces’ that users might want.

    Thanks =)

    Just installed your Polls hack. Your instructions were spot on, and I had no troubles getting it up and running.
    A couple of things:
    1. When I use a single quote, as in “don’t”, in the answers, it shows as “don\’t” on the list on my page.
    2. How can force it to leave the answers in the order that I enter them in?
    This is a great hack, by the way. Thanks for bringing it to the WP community.

    hi NM, no problem. I make a mistake, I forgot to add strip slashes.
    replace $poll_question->question with
    replace $poll_answer->answers with

    Thanks for the help, guys! Much appreciated.

    For some reason, the poll is screwing up my layout in IE, but it looks fine in Mozilla…any ideas?

    Is there a way to put the voting options in a pulldown menu?
    I’d also be very interested in the css version instead of tables but I don’t know enough php to be able to change it myself. Any help is appreciated.
    Oh and it would be good to not be able to vote unless you’ve ticked a button – I accidentally voted empty and it counts as a vote but of course no graphics are displayed.
    Otherwise great hack 🙂

    benrad: I dun see your poll
    Idony: it can be done, but u need to hack the way it display the voting. But I didnt come across a voting booth in drop down menu.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 93 total)
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