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  • Hi there,

    I’ve successfully installed the wp polls plugin but I’m having trouble when it comes to implementing it on the site.

    Rather than the sidebar, I’m hoping to have a series of polls displayed on one page.

    My site is at and I hope there to be a series of polls displaying at the ‘voting booth’ page.

    When I add the script which the readme file says to at the end, it doesn’t work 100%.

    It displays the title ‘polls’ and has a link to the polls archieve, but it displays some lines of code rather than implement it.

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  • I still haven’t come up with any solutions. Anyone got an idea?


    Seems you’d need a plugin like RunPHP to get that working on a Page.


    Added note:

    Unless of course you’ve put the code in your template file (for example page.php). Then you might have to post a code example to a pastebin for others to see.

    i have a php plugin to enable php code to be used in the pages.

    turned on or off, wordpress seems to be saving one line of my code with a space included, where it shouldn’t be whenever i save.

    So what php plugin?

    Now that I’ve told you of RunPHP you might want to see this thread. Also note what skippy suggests.

    the plugin i’m using is cg-quickphp.php

    If it’s the Gamerz poll plugin then I don’t see any reference to the get_poll.

    You posted sidebar.php but I thought you said you were having problems with a Page.

    i got my threads confused. ive since edited my post. the plugin by gamerz is what im trying to get working on the ‘voting booth’ page of sorry to have mixed it up.

    So something like this is in your Page Content?

    <quickphp get_poll(); />

    If that’s not working then maybe you’re going to need to add the get_poll() to a page.php template.

    I’m afraid that I haven’t got a clue about making page php templates.

    I had the whole site designed for me some time ago, and it’s only recently that I’ve been trying to add these plugins.

    Yes, there’s code similar to get_poll… in the main page window of ‘voting booth’

    If not comfortable with managing templates you might want to consider a polling plugin that doesn’t require modifying template files.


    Democracy rocks. Use it. 🙂

    I have given up on wp-polls and taken your advice in trying to use democracy.

    I have deleted the images.ini and rotator.php files added for wp polls. I’ve also deactived wp-polls and deleted any code to any part of my site which wp polls required. HOWEVER. ‘Polls’ still appears as a tab in my wordpress admin. What do I need to do to TOTALLY uninstall it?

    I started off well with the Democracy installation but got to a point where the same problem as with wp polls accured with Democracy. When it came to pasting in the short line: <?php jal_democracy(); ?> When clicking save, the space between < and ? is added. No matter how many edits I do, the space appears.

    Also, I had tried to install democracy a few days ago. I have put a fresh batch of files in the required plugins folder, but when I went to activate the plugin, it was listed as activated already’. When I chose the ‘democracy’ tab in ‘management’ on the WP admin panel, I didn’t see ANY settings for democracy.

    It appears that ‘democracy’ is made by the same guy that made a ‘shoutbox’ plugin which I use. Both plugin’s seem to use something called ajax. Beneath the ‘democracy’ tab is all the settings for my ‘shoutbox’ plugin.

    I think I need serious help!

    Thanks in advance.

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