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  • Hi I would like to see a poll that is based on preferntial voting.

    Voters indicate in order of preference 1, 2, 3, 4 etc for each of the candidates.

    If no one candidate has a quota (50% +1) then the candidate with the lowest votes is excluded and redistributed according to the next sequential preference this process is repeated until a candidate has more then the quota of votes required.

    A variant to the above would be multi-election proportional preferential voting. Candidates above the quota have the surplus value of their votes redistributed proportional to other candidates according to the voters allocated preference if the required number of candidates are not elected then candidates with the smallest total value are excluded and the value of their votes are redistributed to the next sequence preference.

    The formula is not that difficult to code you need to provide fields for preferences (fixed length is best), allocate a value to each vote and an candidate id. I have a MS Access DB that does most of what is required and happy to collaborate.

    This poll could be used in may ways including elections of committee members an alternative to the first-past-the-post system or that most polls record.

    It would certainly put WP polls above the rest

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