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    I use WP-Polls to run a weekly poll on my website and I set it to open the polls at midnight on Sunday and close them at midnight on Friday, but after working for a couple of weeks, it is now requiring me to manually open/close the polls, and won’t open them itself.

    I am using WordPress 2.2.1 and WP-Polls 2.20 . Also, does anyone know if I have to change everything again if I upgrade the plugin version or does it keep my settings (including css)?

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  • I think I remember this problem before but apparently there is nothing wrong with the script as it works fine without any problem on my localhost. It maybe that your server is blocking any cron request by WordPress and that is what happen to me.

    Ok, do you know how to unblock the cron request? Also, scheduled posts work fine, I don’t know if that is related or not. Thanks.

    Hmm, I tested and it works fine for me but I am using WP 2.3 and WP-Polls 2.21

    Ooh, just noticed that my WP-Polls time is 1 hour fast, but my WordPress time is correct. Weird – how can I change it?


    The time zone in my WordPress settings is correct (GMT) but when testing I realised that WP-Polls time was GMT+1. This may have been causing my earlier problem, or it may be another effect of the same problem.

    Any idea how to fix it?

    that is weird, but wp-polls get the date from your wordpress settings. Can you check if your server settings is on GMT+1?

    BTW, this problem is still not resolved.
    Like tripleX2k7 mentioned, scheduled posts work fine but WP-Polls is absolutely clueless abut the time and date.

    WP version 2.3.3
    WP-Polls 2.21

    I can’t reproduce it on my local server and my developement server. I am on GMT+8.

    I still haven’t solved this problem!

    No idea whether does it work. But do give it a try.

    Open up polls.php:

    wp_schedule_event(time(), 'daily', 'polls_cron');

    wp_schedule_event(current_time('timestamp'), 'daily', 'polls_cron');

    In this way it will be based on your WP timing. Let me know if it works.

    I have the same issue with the poll timing (so will try you solution). I have a more serious (I think) issue. Poll archives are not displaying! They just show an empty directory. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Update for anyone! DO NOT create a “pollsarchive” directory or the polls archives will display a blank directory. 😉

    huh? Why you create the directory? Did you read the readme.html under Usage Tab?

    It say create a page with the slug “pollsarchive” not a directory

    I’ve got the same issue with an old poll not expiring and a new one not being activated – I set the old one to expire at 10.59am and the new one to start at 11am. Currently its three hours later and the new poll has not been made active.

    I can’t even expire the old poll manually, now – clicking the ‘close’ button on the edit screen does nothing.

    Another problem – I’ve got an old poll sitting around that didn’t go live that I want to delete – but, again, clicking the ‘delete’ button has no effect.

    And on top of all that, I’ve just created a Poll archive page, as per the instructions, and it’s not showing any old polls at all, just the ‘live’ one!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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