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    WP-Polls version: 2.5
    WP version: 2.8.4


    I think there is a bug in WP-Polls. I’ll try to describe it as clear as possible.

    Poll options is set to: Display latest poll.
    I add a poll without a end date. This poll displays fine on the blog. This changes the blog_option[‘poll_latestpoll’] to the new poll ID.

    Now when I suddenly do want an end date for this poll, I edit the poll and deselect ‘No expiry date’. I update the poll, it will add an enddate of now() and thus it closes the poll, because it has expired. I now change the enddate to a future date and reopen it and it doesn’t show on the blog. This is because then it doesn’t update the blog_option[‘poll_latestpoll’] to this poll and it remains ‘0’ and thus it doesn’t display the correct latest poll.

    I hope this will someone provide with enough information and maybe someone can tell me whether this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

    Best regards,
    Léon Doornkamp

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  • Instead of the default end date, choose a end date which is in the future and update the poll. Why are you updating two times when you can just uncheck “No Expiry Date” and choose the expire date at the same time.

    Or an easier way is just to choose the specific poll instead of displaying the latest poll



    Thanks for your reply.

    First to choose the specific poll is not an option. ALways the latest poll has to be shown. We have a blog platform with WPMU. The bloggers doesn’t have the option to choose the poll to display.

    When a poll is created without an end date, and then when I uncheck ‘No expiry’ It doesn’t immediatly give me the option to set the date. The datebox doesn’t appear then. I first have to save it and then it adds the current date/time. Then when I edit the poll again, I can set the date.

    So when some bloggers set ‘no expiry date’ but later they change their mind and do want an end date this happends.



    Ahh I see what the problem is now.

    WHen I uncheck the “Do NOT Expire This Poll” it doesn’t display the date/time fields. I see that the div ‘pollq_expiry_timestamp’ has the css style: display: none; and this doesn’t changes when I uncheck the checkbox, therefore it adds the current date/time and closes it.

    Apparantly the javascript that is suppose to change display:none into display: block doesn’t work?

    I see that explains why, thank you for the bug report.

    I have fixed it, you may want to redownload the plugin again and just overwrite the file polls-manager.php



    Yes it is working now. Thanks very much, appreciate it!

    Keep up the good work!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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