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    I have what I’m sure is a simple question, though for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I just installed WP-Polls on my blog and am running a poll in the sidebar.

    My question is this: how do I get the radio buttons to show up next to the questions instead of above them?

    Also, how do I make the voting button smaller?

    Thank you to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

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  • Add this to wp-content/plugins/polls/polls-css.css:

    .wp-polls-ans li input {

    Then try adding this (same file as above):

    .wp-polls input {
    text-align: center;

    Not sure of cascading issues that might occur.

    You have 277 errors:

    A new record, I think. The css is disorganized ;’) Saw a stray } in there too. Site needs some cleaning up.

    Good looking site, btw.

    Yea I guess 277 errors is bad, but I’m confused by the site you pointed to. The left/top/bottom etc margin tags were added in Dreamweaver as was the onLoad function for the menu rollovers. In fact, 90% of the ‘errors’ were generated in Dreamweaver. I created the template by making it in Fireworks, then slicing it up and having the HTML exported to Dreamweaver. None of the coding was done by hand, hence, why so many errors?

    The only exception is the CSS, of which I know next to nothing. That I do need to work on.

    Using Dreamweaver for a dynamic site like this will be a little tough. Came across this recently, don’t know if it will help: How to edit WordPress themes using Dreamweaver

    You’re DOCTYPE is XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but I bet DW is set to html 4.0 or even 3.2. Check your config…

    Thanks for your help Yosemite, I’ll check that out. I’m going to give that css snippet you posted a try too! 🙂

    The css fixed the wp poll formating, thanks!


    One more question: The poll now looks perfect in FireFox but in IE there is a huge amount of space both before and after the poll. I tried removing the paragraph tags but that didn’t fix it.

    Also, someone just emailed me and said that on their computer the voting questions are blacked out, but I don’t see that on either of my browers. Does it show up that way on yours?

    Thanks again.

    I fixed the border thing, now it’s just the text being blacked out that’s wierd. *sigh* I gotta go through this stylesheet of mine somehow.

    Why don’t you take al look at GaMerZ’s Forums. May help…

    ttech, thanks for telling me about the forum! As it turns out someone already posted there with my EXACT same problem.

    So, mark this resolved?

    Yes, I had just missed something in the usage manual that says there is a bug in IE6+. So if you give the poll a background the text looks fine, but if you don’t it gets garbled.

    Haha, ok, so I was working on fixing all those errors Yosemite noted and ended up screwing up the formatting for WP-Polls again. Could someone please help me? I know, it’s pathetic that I don’t have more CSS knowledge but I’m working on it!

    In the meantime could you please help me figure out what in my CSS form style is screwing up the poll? It was displaying the radio buttons vertically but now they are showing up horizontally in FF and all over the place in IE. 🙁

    Thanks so much to whomever takes pity on my CSS ignorant self.

    Started this thread again in the CSS section, marking this one resolved.

    I have a similar, “low-level” formatting question/problem.

    I cannot figure out for the life of me how to indent the radio-buttons followed by the question.

    also, how can i remove that white line above the “vote” button.

    any and help will be much appreciated!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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