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    Very strange.

    Activating WP-Polls plugin causes my wordspew chatbox to apparently lose the CSS box container, but only in Firefox. IE still displays the CSS box correctly (though does not display the poll bars, probably a side issue?)

    Both plugins are updated to latest.

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  • This should be handled either at the wordspew site (Andrew does not support wordspew any longer and Pierre has modified it somewhat and his site seems to be down or he is not supporting it any longer either) or Lester Chans site. I had the same problem and contacted GaMerZ. This guy is so nice, he was able to fix the problem and it does appear to be a wordspew problem, not WP-Polls. You can contact GaMerZ here Go into the WP-Polls forum and search, you will find the answer (and if not, IM him and his is gracious to help you).

    thanks carnold for the kind compliments =)

    idahofallzcom: drop me a PM in my forums when a temp wp-admin account and chmod wordsprew to 777.

    Eeek! I need to update and resolve this.

    I did as suggested and visited those forums.

    Being polite and respectful, I first searched through the forums for similar topics.

    It took a little digging but I was able to find another person who solved this by:

    1 renamed the wordspew’s css.php into a css.css

    2 deleted the PHP references in the css.css

    3 within the main php file, changed the single call to css.php to of course css.css

    Only drawback is that your color changes made within the wordpress admin page to not work. Not a big deal, especially for folks like me that like to tweak those things at code level anyways.

    Thanks for the tip carnold and thanks for having those forums up and helping folks Gamerz

    2 errr in regards to this step, just to be crystal clear to newbies, there was a php code section at the top of css.css that you delete entirely, and you will notice smaller php code chunks in the css settings, usually for the color specifications.

    delete those php code chunks also, and replace them with normal hexadecimal color codes (#ffffff or #abcdef)

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