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  • This is going to both BlogDesk and WordPress, as I don’t know where the problem might lie.

    Fairly new blog hosted at Latest WordPress according to them. Freshly downloaded copy of BlogDesk. Dell laptop running XP SP1.

    The first two posts I made using BlogDesk went to the server fine but would not show up on my blog. They showed up in the “manage posts” control panel and even previewed properly from the control panel but they would not display.

    I had this very same problem over the weekend while testing ETCO. I didn’t spend any time troubleshooting that one. I’m trying to evaluate all the blog editors so I didn’t want spend much time with any one package.

    After experimenting around with the control panel I decided to brows the sql database for my blog. has a nice browser. I selected the table wp_posts and looked over the data.

    I found that in the wp_posts table, the post_status had been set to “future” on the problem posts. Those were the only two records that contained “future”. The rest contained “published” or “draft” as appropriate. I confirmed that this field is changed by the control panel “status” buttons by setting it to “draft” and checking the database. Clicking the “publish” button in the WP control panel, however, set it back to “future”. I manually edited the table and set post_status to “publish” and the article showed up properly in my blog.

    Problem is, I can’t make the problem come back. It seemed to go away after I did another post from BlogDesk and selected “change time to” and changed the time one minute. That killed the bug. Unchecking the box did not bring the bug back.

    As it stands now, posting from BlogDesk is working properly. However, this did happen on two posts. It also happened with ETCO on every of the several posts I tried.

    I don’t do forums so if you have questions, please go here: and click the “mail John” button.


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  • Maybe neonjohn doesn’t “do” forums, but for those who do…

    I’ve been testing BlogDesk and Blog Writer, and I had a similar issue with BD. The “fix” was more or less the same. I think (tryin’ to recall, here) that when I first set it up, I did in fact check the -5 hours (for CDT, yeah I know it’s supposed to be -6 and auto DST BS, but the *&@#$ers changed the DST date, nay?). I think the first post did work okay, but when I “edited” it and reposted, it put the time 5 hours into the future, so it didn’t show up in the view, but was in the published list. Because I do this a lot on one of my blogs and post future days’ stuff, I recognized it right away… I went back and forth a few times changing offsets and making sure both the server and the client pc’s had the correct date-times and setups… and it started working.

    I don’t know how much that helps you, reader, but if you post and don’t see the item, go admin/manage and see if it’s there… assuming it is, check the time settings, and poke at it a bit, and I’m betting it’ll start working.

    I really like BlogDesk a lot, but there are a couple of other issues with it… in fact, I’m going to go post a new thread about the main one, PDQ.

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