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  • bmilne


    I have a WordPress site that allows for users to sign up and guest post blogs. The site is getting a ton of traffic and contributions, but with that comes plenty of spam. It’s similar spam each time, just from a different users and IPs who sign up before being suspended after a spam post or two. Captcha doesn’t prevent it all because the spam is being posted manually.

    Is there a WP plugin that blocks spam POSTS, rather than spam COMMENTS?

    Something that allows for a blacklist of spam keywords that flags those posts and submits as “draft” rather than “published.”

    We’re currently moderating each and every post to avoid spam from making the site upon posting, but that’s becoming difficult to keep up with because of the quantity of posts coming in.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • elfin


    Look at some of the newer forums that are springing up utilising post_types to store forum posts, some of them may have this sort of functionality already built in.

    Just wondering if you were ever successful? I have the exact same problem and I can’t believe there is absolutely nothing that automatically prevents ANY post from being published if it contains a particular keyword.

    same here. I want to block posts based on keyword.
    Anyone find any thing?


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