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  • Hi.. I am thinking that I need to do a total new install and loose all of my past 3 years of posts. =( Since I went to 1.5, I’ve had so many goofy problems.

    This is about the wp-plugin manager however.

    Has anyone else had permission problems? I am trying to install image headlines and I cannot modify the permissions of those files or folders no matter what, yet anything I manually installed, I can. Its the weirdest thing!

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    Do you have the latest version of wp-plugin manager?

    If you are unable to modify the permissions on files/folders it sounds like you are not the owner of those files on your server. If they were created by a script they may have been created with a different user account.

    I’ve had huge permission problems. It installs the plugins using the UID/GID of the webserver. Which means you usually don’t have rights to delete the plugins.
    In order to fix it, I had to whip up a quick script that will do it. In this example, the folder I couldn’t delete was the spell-plugin.

    <? php chmod(“./spell-plugin”, 0777); ?>

    just save that as a fix.php file in the same folder and call it from a web browser. Down and dirty but it worked for me.

    Yeah…. Hmmm so this means that

    1. I cannot use the plugin manager?
    2. I will need to use scripts to delete folders?

    Just odd… becasue if I have the admin login to my server, I just don’t understand why I don’t have carte blanche rights to all files and folders in there. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    If you have root access to the server, you should be able to delete. If you have a standard account with a host provider, you’ll fall into the same situation where you don’t have full access to everything in your user directory.

    you probably don’t have root access unless you built up the server yourself…you just have admin access to you directory.
    this problem is not all that uncommon. i believe this plugin creates files/directories with httpd assigned as owner. you can then delete them.
    Something like this php script will help you:
    it uses the httpd to chmod 777 on the files you specify…then you can delete them.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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