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  • I followed the install instructions 6 times. Even deactivated my register plugin and another forum plugin. But this thing does not work. It redirects everything to phpBB and WordPress is gone. No access, nada.

    I have to go to my ftp site and delete the plugin, then go to my database and remove the files for Bridge.

    Think twice about using this.

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  • Plugin Author merianos


    This plugin has been used by 20,000+ users including us. And those who has problem are very very few (about 20 to 50 people). Something is wrong in your installation.

    Guess I’m one of the 20 to 50 that it doesn’t work for then.

    Not enough of us that have an issue to make it worthwhile helping?

    Thanks for your useless reply….

    same issue.
    It redirects everything to phpBB, WordPress admin is broken, none of the wp login/pass can log in phpBB.
    and i do read the manual.

    wp path is
    phpbb path is
    wp anb phpbb operates on separate sql servers
    wp and bb shares the same admin login/pass and are fully working without phpBB bridge.
    wp is a live website, all updates ok. (3.4.2), thematic framework, no special tweeks
    phpbb is a fresh install.

    phpBB config path is correct: /home/users/blahblah/mydomain/wp/forum/config.php
    phpBB ucp.php url is correct:

    i installed the plugin, then the widget, then activated the plugin and… kaboom.
    Very frustrating.

    Plugin Author merianos


    For a free plugin that does not have a support system, the 50 installations that do not work well and need from me in a couple of hours to solve the issue, is a lot.

    It should be noted that when we published the plugin, provided assistance to hundreds of users, and most of the questions were of the type:

    q: “It doesn’t work”
    a: “Did you aneabled the plugin”
    q: “no”
    a: “then enable the plugin”

    in many cases, while providing correct answers and solutions to problems after themselves insulted us.

    So, We Do Not provide support anymore in the free version. In the future, we will provide a commercial version of that same plugin. In that case I will assist any member that will pay.

    Now in your case, try to remember if previously you used any other plugin for the same purpose, and/or module for the phpBB side.

    Also note, that you have to use the same cookie path for WordPress and phpBB

    Plugin Author zeoz


    i cant understand why noone read the installation instructions…

    from plugin page :


    Once you have your WordPress and phpbb forum set up, download and install the WP phpBB Bridge plugin and activate it. (Make sure you use the same credentials for both WordPress and Phpbb Admin user: Name/email/pass)
    Note: There is a difference between activating the plugin and activating the bridge. You must activate the plugin first in order to see the WP phpbb widgets, but DO NOT activate the bridge just yet.

    Go to menu Appearance/widgets. (You will find 4 new widgets)
    Drag & drop the widget called “phpbb3 Users Widget” to the widget area of your template to activate it.
    If you want you can activate all widgets but make sure that you fill the form “forums” with the id’s of phpbb forums you like, to get topics from in widget “Phpbb3 posts widget”
    Go in menu: «WP phpBB Bridge» and complete the paths for config.php and ucp.php.
    Typically it should be similar to this depending on your file structure:

    Path to config.php: /home/content/html/wordpress folder/forum folder/config.php
    URL to ucp.php:

    Now activate bridge.
    That’s it !! You’re good to go…

    you can also see how to install it in this video :

    If you’ve completely botched this up, there are a few things you can do:
    1.) The easiest method is to go to your website FTP, locate your wp-content folder > plugins and completely delete your PHPBB bridge plugin


    2.)If you need immediate access to wp-admin then all you need to do is FTP into your WordPress plugins directory and rename the wp-phpbb-bridge plugin folder to something else. You’ll be able to access wp-admin once again.

    The problem however is that the bridge function of the plugin is still enabled in MySQL… Here’s the fix for that…

    Login into phpMyAdmin from your CPanel and open your WordPress database. Search for wpb_active and select all the DB tables before clicking Go. You’ll now see the row wpb_active, click on edit. Change both “yes” values to no. You now have your wp-admin back!

    hope this helps and isn’t too confusing. Good luck!

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