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  1. InfestedRoach
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi! I am using WordPress 3.3.2 and phpBB 3.0.10, i have integrated forum by using WP phpBB Bridge. Everything seems to be working fine, only thing that irritates me is that after logging in WP it redirects to forum logging page, logs in and redirects to forum index page. Is there any way i can change so that after logging in forum it redirects back to blog?

  2. Onkton
    Posted 3 years ago #


    this could be helpfull:



  3. Remie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I followed this topic but I don't get the result I need.

    Logout works fine now. It will get me redirected to the link I filled in in the PHP files.

    But login just keeps redirecting to the Forum board if I login with the login on the wordpress page.

    If I login on the forum itself it will redirect me to the page that is given in.

    functions.php part that I needed to change

    // The result parameter is always an array, holding the relevant information...
            if ($result['status'] == LOGIN_SUCCESS)
                $redirect = request_var('redirect', "http://nlforces.com/index.php"); //this is the url you want the redirection to take you.
                $message = ($l_success) ? $l_success : $user->lang['LOGIN_REDIRECT'];
                $l_redirect = ($admin) ? $user->lang['PROCEED_TO_ACP'] : (($redirect === "{$phpbb_root_path}index.$phpEx") ? $user->lang['RETURN_INDEX'] : $user->lang['RETURN_PAGE']);

    This is the UCP.php part I changed

    case 'login':
            if ($user->data['is_registered'])
                redirect(append_sid("http://nlforces.com/index.php")); //this is the url you want the redirection to take you.
            login_box(request_var('redirect', "http://nlforces.com/index.php")); //this is the url you want the redirection to take you.
    case 'logout':
            if ($user->data['user_id'] != ANONYMOUS)
            meta_refresh(3, append_sid("http://nlforces.com/index.php")); //this is the url you want the redirection
            $message = $user->lang['LOGOUT_REDIRECT'] . '<br /><br />' . sprintf($user->lang['RETURN_INDEX'], '<a href="' . append_sid("../index.php") . '">', '</a> ');

    Can somebody please help me with this?

    I post this question on this forum because it doesnt work if I login with wordpress and it does with phpbb.

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