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  • Hi, as a new wp user I am very interested in posting images in my blog. I’ve run into two plugins for this purpose (at least i think so šŸ˜‰ and they are wp-photos & exhibit. By reading the readme’s they seem to pretty much do the same thing. :/ Could someone gimme some info about the difference between the bort? Thanks!

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  • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I downloaded both and am using Exhibit (got stuck with wp-photos with the “whoops, some error occurred. bummer, eh?” message, and although I read and re-read the instructions, couldn’t figure out what the problem was.)

    I like Exhibit but would still like to know the difference between the two. Anybody?

    I wrote Exhibit to replace wp-photos. It didn’t do everything I wanted it to do.

    Specifically, wp-photos didn’t let me add images from the post-editing page. If I remember correctly, it had some funky way of displaying the full-sized image. I don’t think it created thumbnails, either. It’s been a while, you can tell. šŸ™‚

    I’m sure there are plenty of thngs that Exhibit does now that wp-photos didn’t do. I’m not sure if Alex has kept up development on wp-photos or not.

    Where would one find Exhibt?

    Ringmaster, thanks for the reply. I’m mostly happy with Exhibit, and the parts I’m not happy with are, I’m sure, related to my own ignorance, as I’ve looked at other sites using it that look great, and make it do things I want to do. Just went to symantix’ site ( this morning after seeing several of his posts in the forums, and wow… it’s beautiful.

    Thanks for creating it… I’ll probably be back with specific questions but for now, am futzing along, trying to figure things out myself so as to not be a pain-in-the-patootie to you (or anyone else) till I’ve exhausted my own brain cells.

    Could someone maybe help me figure out why I can’t get pictures to post with Exhibit – I can see the thumbnails it creates, but when I click to insert them I see it insert the <!--exhibit--> code – but no image shows up. šŸ™

    I have the same problem with Exhibit. It worked on 1.2 but when I installed the 1.5beta and then install the Exhibit I got the same problem that you have.

    I can upload the pics and see them on the right, but when I click on the pick symbol next to the trashcan it is supposed to load them to the left. It does not do that.

    Does Exhibit work on 1.5?

    I got it to work. This is what I had to do:

    In the file “exhibit10.php”, around line 130, you should find this line:

    $this->tableexhibit = $table_prefix . $this->exhibit_db_table;

    I replaced this line with this:

    $this->tableexhibit = “wp_exhibit”;

    so that instead of using a variable to call the name of my table, I just entered the actual name of my table in manually. After I did this, everything went from working all wrong to working perfectly. Don’t ask me why this works; I’m sure RM can provide an answer for that and possibly a better solution. All I know is, the problem seemed to be with not being able to locate the exhibit table in some of the functions, and I traced the call to the table back to this line.

    Hope it works for you, too.

    Ahhhh. Good job. That works great!!!

    Wow, that Exhibit guy writes crappy code. He should be drawn and quartered. Gah!

    Well, I think we’ll all forgive him if he can just get those next and prev links implemented. ;-P

    Hi. I’m a newbie so sorry for what may be a silly question… Do I need to change the line of code that symantix mentioned to have exhibit run in wp1.5? In which case, if my exhibit_db_table name is ‘exhibit’, will the table prefix appended by wordpress be “wp_” ? Or does it vary from user to user?

    It’s likely you’ll have to change that line. I haven’t done anything special to the 1.5 edition of Exhibit to fix that issue.

    everyone else:
    I’m needing some feature help with Exhibit 2.0. Please stop by and offer your opinion.

    Feature requests and bug fix suggestions are welcome, too.

    Hello, how can I remove the preview of pics used in the end of my post in my permalinks? I can’t seem to figure out how… Exhibit question…

    Do you want to show no thumbnails on your posts at all? Add the nothumbs comment to your post content:


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