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  • It wasn’t intended to work w/ the built-in upload feature, so it doesn’t surprise me that it doesn’t work smoothly.

    This exhibit plugin works w/ bulit-in uploads and make popups too

    When I follow these instruction
    Click the ‘Add’ link next to a post in the admin interface to open the WP Photos window. Then click the (Use ->) link next to the folder you want to use.
    No photos show up to choose from, ,even though I have FTP’d them. So I get no option to follow the remaining instructions, which are:
    Add your captions, select the one you want as your preview photo and hit save!

    Are the photos in the proper folder structure?

    This is jl.. Didnt log in properly before.
    I believe they are in the proper folder stucture. I have a folder called photos that is in wp-photos.. and one called t that is in the photos folder.

    am i stupid? where can i find that css to align the single-photo?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Anon – Link ?

    I’ve released a new version that *should* fix the SQL errors.

    Cool. I just installed it and it is working on my site at:
    I would like to change the text that says, “View Photos.” Where do I find that string in the files?

    I believe the current release doesn’t return those errors (as noted in the post 2 above yours). The table name is set in the plugin file, you can change it as you like.

    I could never see the SQL errors in the first place, still can’t. Sorry you are seeing them.


    I Have a hugh Problem
    I read your Readme and now i could go any further.
    You Write
    – this goes before the comments
    if ($single && (empty($post->password) ||
    $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[‘wp-postpass_’.$cookiehash] == $post->post_password)) {
    $photos = get_post_photos($id);
    $photos = get_thumbnail_grid($photos);
    Where exactly ?
    In the index.php oder in the wp-comments.php or where ?
    It would be nice ive someone could help me.
    i was looking for something like the <?php the_content(); ?> cause you wrote before the comments. Please help me where i have to fill in this text.
    (sorry, my english isn
    t very well)

    Thanks for getting back to me on that hgrietkerk, hopefully Alex/someone will be able to point me in the right direction to finish off that customisation. As soon as they do, i’ll let you know the rest…

    Ok, I installed the plugin and all is well except for one thing. I have added several oictures and I only get the chose of one (the sample included) when I try to add photos to post. How do I fix this ? Also, is there anyway to integrate this into the upload option. I mean so I don’t have to ftp all of my pics?

Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 98 total)
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