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  • I can’t for the life of me get it to run. I’ve done this so many times and I made sure to make a list and check it twice but I always get
    Parse error: parse error in /homepages/35/d87512061/htdocs/main/wp-photos.config.php on line 33
    Whoops, some error occured. Bummer, huh?
    When I run the wp-photo setup….Could someone give me an explanation?
    I’ve checked this site out…
    that hasn’t worked…
    I’ve check a dozen other post and it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere but it sure does look like others have ran into the same problems I’ve had.
    If anyone has any information whatsoever please share them with me or post them here.
    I thank you all in advance.

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  • Thanks, I will try this and let you know the results.

    I’m very sorry , I read everything but the result is always this:
    error, could not include WP Photos settings
    I really don’t know what I have to do now 🙁
    I saw this very nice hack working on many blogs and it is very very nice.
    Anyone can help me ?

    My best guess on your error message is that the WP-Photos hack was unable to see the wp-photos.config.php file. Double check that you have all the files in the correct directories.

    Thanx a lot but all the files are in the root directory.
    I’m trying to understand why it does not work

    I am having trouble with getting WP Photos going. I have tried to follow the directions and hints posted here in Support but so far no luck.
    Right now, when I type in the addy for my blog ( I am seeing the following:
    Parse error: parse error in /home/wumpc14/public_html/wumpblog/index.php on line 58
    I have tried giong to that line in index.php (though my current editor doesn’t provide me line numbers).
    So far no luck. I appreciate any help/tips anyone can give me. Thanks!

    Could someone post the needed mysql so we could just add it thru phpmyadmin?

    Any other ideas on what could be wrong? Still can’t get it to work.

    when you edit the wp-photos.config.php you will see that, in the css section, around line 32/33 there are comments around the font style for the .wp-caption. If you remove those comments you will stop getting the parse error shown above.
    Well, it worked for me, anyway 🙂

    I think the problem is in the wp-photos.config.php file
    I got the same error, could not include WP Photos settings, but when I erased the css part of the wp-photos.config.php file it dissapeared
    good luck! 🙂

    Hi!, me again…
    If you put the <?php include_once(‘../wp-photos.hack.php’); wpphotos_link(); ?> in the post.php file, the function wpphotos() won’t get the post’s ID, so its better to put it in the edit.php file 😛
    Sorry about my english, I’m learning
    au revoir

    WP-Photos is cool. I was using it for a while and added some stuff to it, but it wasn’t very 1.2-friendly. I have written a new plugin that is easier to install into WP and does at least the same stuff with default settings.
    Check out this thread:

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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