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  • I have finished my first hack and have it ready for the world to view.
    wp-People is a hack that will replace people’s names with a link to a pop-up bio information screen. (1.0+ Compatible)
    You can find out more information and download the zip from my forum.
    wp-people forum thread
    I also put the information on the Wiki.

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  • Dean,
    This is a really great hack! Kudos to you for making it available for us all!

    Anybody using my hack yet?
    Besides the selfish need for attention, I want to know if anyone is having any problems with it.

    This hack looks good, but I haven’t had time to install it yet. Maybe next week…

    Sorry I’m an idiot when it comes to php. How do you exactly copy the script to my-hacks.php
    I tried and it gave me this error
    SQL/DB Error:
    [Table ‘protag_nimrodelwp.b2people’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT ID_PERSON, real_name, bio FROM b2people
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/protag/public_html/nimrodel/my-hacks.php on line 23
    Also, I’ve already installed b2people in the database

    it specifically says!
    Table ‘protag_nimrodelwp.b2people’ doesn’t exist

    The installation went fine. I can even add people to the database in the admin. so what’s missing?

    ok, installed fine. but it doesnt work. for some reason it keeps reseting my URL I have entered in my peoples profiles to just some random page in my site, (that I created… dont know why its doing that…) and the pics dont work, they are always going to
    never what I want it to go to, it always resets itself.

    This is really neat is there a way to have the pop up window link for wp-people replace the link that is left when users leave comments using their name & url?
    Before I install can I chose what names get linked or will this be simular to the phpgiggle add-on where they are linked automatic?
    Thanks Dean

    What is your site? Can I look at your example?
    You can enter anyone you like. When ever that name appears, then the link is created. I suggest that you use full names, so you don’t have multiple people with the same name, like Bob or Dave.
    try the first name you see “An”
    I was just kinda testing around with hers, I couldnt even get it to show the nopic thing.

    hmm just a few suggestions:
    a.) it would be cool if there were a way to assign multiple names to one person. I might have a friend called Joseph, but i also call him J, joe, seph, whatever…it would be great if i could enter multiple names.
    b.) it would also be excellent if it would still create the links despite differences in uppercase/lowercase. Now Joseph and joseph are still two different people, which means i have to remember if i entered the name in uppercase or lowercaseinto the db when i write my blog.
    b.) it would be great that if i didn’t have my nophoto image in the directory specified in both people-admin.php and people-popup.php then i didn’t have to change it in both files, as i do now. You only mention changing it in the popup as far as i can see. If i only change it in the popup, i still have to manually type in /blog/images/nophoto.jpg when i enter a new person, instead of /images/nophoto.jpg. I found a hardlink to /images/nophoto.jpg in the people-admin and changed that and now it works, it has the changed URL in the textfield when i enter a new person, but that wasn’t mentioned in the readme 🙂
    c.) i installed it and it works fine but it started parsing the bios in the popup windows for names, too., and creating links, which is a bit pointless. so i commented out /*$bio = peopleDefine($bio);*/ from the people-popup and now it doesn’t do it anymore.
    d.) i seem to have real problems editing the people-popup. for some reason even though i have made changes they just REFUSE to show up, even though i have double and triple checked. SO far i can’t find out why not. maybe thats just me tho, it wouldn’t be the first time. 😉
    but cool hack. i like it. I had been looking for something like this in a while 🙂

    Looks very nice on your test, LoganSix. Now for a question: when i post to my blog, the post header will say “filed under somecategory by eduardo @date“. Can i get <b>that</b> name to become a wp_people-link? That is, the hack would become a “who are we” thing for the authors.

    Apparently the link doesn’t even work.
    You only have one entry in your wp-people database.
    Try testing it out on someone with a longer name. I’m not sure if that would be an issue, but I will recheck.
    Try pulling up the popup, by putting in the url and a value for the person.

    1. I’ll look into nick names, but I don’t see how you could do that, because if you know more than one person called Joe, how are you going to tell the difference. The most I could do is, you put in the persons full name and the link will display a nickname.
    2. The nophoto was just a image place holder, it doesn’t matter in the admin screen, because you would have “no photo”. The directory was the /images directory. So, that would be your root directory. I guess I will have to add a vars page, so you can specify the directory in the vars page and it will change in both places. But, you could add the url to your default “no photo” and it should show up on the admin screen too.
    3. change peopleDefine($bio); to just $bio, if you don’t want the bio’s to create a people link. I added that so you could create a relationship between people. In my example, Deb and Jon are married, so I wanted a link between their bios.
    4. Make sure your browser cache is cleared. IE has a problem of saving past pages too well.

    Not exactly sure, but you could could try changing your index.php page where it includes the post. You would have to alter the author part.
    Or you would have to change it in the wp-includes/template-functions.php file.

    it would also be excellent if it would still create the links despite differences in uppercase/lowercase

    This is fixed now.
    Check out my forum for the simple solution.
    wp-people hack thread

    @anatman – I posted a solution to your question on my forum.
    wp-people hack thread
    It requires editing the template-functions.php file. I am guessing that this file would be updated if you updated WordPress, so you would have to make this change again.

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