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  • Well, I have been neglecting my site for a while now and deciede to get back on track. After upgrading my blog and setting it up as the home page for my site, I decided to get back to fixing some hacks.

    The only WP hack I ever did was one call WP-People. It was a person database so that you could display a little bio about someone. The trick was, that you entered the person’s name in the blog post and if that person was in the database, a link would be created to their bio. Well, I’ve mostly upgraded it to a new 2.0 plugin. So, those of you who were using it in a pre-WP 2.0 version, you will be able to upgrade soon.

    My plugins and widgets page

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  • The conversion is getting closer to the end.
    I am working on the style sheet right now and apparently there is an issue with IE loading the styles. Great.

    But, after that, it is basically complete and working. I will just do some more tweaks and it will be done.

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