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  • Does this Plugin work on WordPress MU 2.8.6??
    I installed it but saving the options outputs an error:

    Error! Options page not found.

    I used this previously in my single WP Installation and its VERY helpful but cant get it to run on my MU?!

    Hi, I am glad you find the plugin helpful. Unfortunately the plugin will activate fine in MU but the method used to save the settings seems to not be compatible. However, I can look into it and possibly create a branch for wordpress mu.

    I have been doing some reading and came across the following in the codex which applies to the issue of managing settings:

    As a result, I will be updating the setting management aspect of the plugin. I may still add a branch for wordpress MU to account for the different sites.

    I have finally updated the wp-pear-debug plugin as per the instructions on the plugin migration page: . The plugin now makes use of the register_setting and settings_fields functions on its options page. I have not tested it but it but version 1.4.5 should work with wordpress MU.

    Again someone reported the plugin as not working. I just tested it and it does work in v2.9.2. Maybe my instructions are not clear enough? Anyone have any tips about anything that may be confusing in my instructions?

    There are two possibilities:

    • They are using php v4 which is not supported by this plugin
    • They did not see anything after enabling the plugin. They did not realize that the settings must be saved at least once before the debugger will appear.

    Silasco, I installed the wp-pear-debug plugin in WordPress 3.0.1 and the tool bar loads and has statistics in it (shows 13 queries), but I am unable to drill down and get details under the debug categories (Vars & Configs, logs & msgs, etc).

    Hi, try v1.4.6

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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