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  • I just switched my theme, to a theme I have previously used. Before the switch, my WP pages all worked fine. Now that I’ve switched my theme, my 2 pages that contain WP code, do not work. They were blank so I tried to re-create them but all I’m getting is the actual code and no output. The other pages that I created that do not contain WP code work fine.

    I have checked my re-write rules and they’re fine. I tried adding the RunPHP plugin and that doesn’t even seem to help the problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why my pages aren’t working and how I can fix the problem?


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  • Figured it out myself. Apparently I was missing my theme page templates for this old theme of mine. Added them and voila! The WP code is working in my pages.

    Yay me!

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