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  1. BoA Wrath
    Posted 5 years ago #

    WordPress pages become corrupted after the category is changed then changed back

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Navigate to wordpress
    2. Load an existing page
    3. I changed the category for the page which was currently 'Safety and security' to 'Buying' and updated the page
    4. Following the update, the URL of the page changed to show buying in the URL instead of safety-and-security

    This meant the original URL would no longer work as it had been replaced buy the new URL with buying.

    5. However when I edited the page again and changed the category from 'Buying' back to 'Safety and security' and updated the page the following happened:

    * Neither URL either with buying or safety-and-security would work
    * The article was still editable in wordpress so for our editorial team it looks like nothing it wrong.

    If you navigate to the URL using the internal URL which is shown when looking at the article in wordpress which includes the safety-and-security in the URL it redirected away from the safety-and-security URL and loaded the page under the internal URL but with buying in the URL.

    This just confused me as during the last edit I had updated it back to Safety and Security so I would expect it to load the page as that. But for some reason WP still sees it as a buying page even though all the category and tags suggest it is safety and security.

  2. Are you using any plugins? Caching or otherwise?

  3. BoA Wrath
    Posted 5 years ago #

    * We are using plugins, none of them seem to tbe relevant though
    * We don't have caching plugin
    * We are also using customized URL's

  4. We are using plugins, none of them seem to tbe relevant though

    You'd think :) Which ones?

    We are also using customized URL's

    You mean custom permalinks, right? What's your structure?

  5. BoA Wrath
    Posted 5 years ago #

    We have a plugin installed named "Redirects" were looking into why we have this installed and if it is actually needed.

    It seems that there is a way to remove redirects when you rename . recategorize an article.

    So we'll have a look at that and see if it resolves our issue.

  6. I would say that Redirects might be relevant :) Disable it and see if it magically fixes your woes.

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