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    I am having intermitent problems saving and publishing posts. When I try to publish, a login screen appears. When I put in my username and password, the screen reappears. I have found that I can copy the post from the edit screen, delete the draft, paste the text back in and then get one chance to publish before the whole cycle begins again.

    I thought an upgrade might help so I tried to backup my database as a first step in this process. This works for all tables except wp_options which freezes then crashes my sql client.

    I am able to export my content to an XML file. If I install the latest version and import this XML file, what problems am I likely to encounter? Are my old posts at risk?

    Thanks for any advice on this problem.

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  • I don’t think that losing your wp_options table will damage your posts in any way. Losing it could mean a fair amount of reconfiguring but your posts related stuff is all in wp_posts, wp_postmeta, and wp_comments, plus the wp_term* tables if you want to count those.

    What kind of access do you have to MySql? I ask because if you can run a ‘repair‘ on the table it might help. PhpMyAdmin makes it very easy to do.

    Thanks for the advice apljdi,

    I have already tried the analyse and repair tools on this table. All the table functions (optimize, check, analyze, and repair) return an ‘OK’ or ‘up to date’ status message. Never the less, when I try to export this table, the application just hangs. I am using the HeidiSQL client.

    I activated the PhpMyAdmin on my webhost. This app seems to export my entire database without a problem. There is something that caught my eye that is suspicious however. It says the database has been running for 94 days. I created this database over two years ago.

    My inclination is to install the newest version of WP and import the XML file of my posts. I realize that I will lose my settings but am far more concerned about losing some aspect of the posts that will be hard to reconstruct.

    I had not activated the PhpMyAdmin on my webhost. When I do activate it, it does not contain my WP database (no surpirse). Is there a way to copy the database into the PhpMyAdmin?

    I’m a little surprised that the database doesn’t appear in PhpMyAdmin, assuming you logged in with the same credentials that work with HeidiSQL. PhpMyAdmin doesn’t ‘contain’ your databases, it just connects to the MySql server and provides a GUI. It should just show what ever tables your user has access to. I don’t know what to say about that.

    You’ve got your XML file and .sql exports (Right?) so you should be fairly well backed up, and installing the newest version is always good. I wish I could solve this table problem though.

    I did get phpmyadmin to recognize my database and I did export the database. I also ran the repair query on the table which returned an OK. Out of curiosity, I tried the HeidiSQL client again and it still hangs on the options table. Since I have an XML and DB export, I will ignore the Heidi problem and move on to my installation. Thanks for you help.

    I’m having trouble with my import of xml file. I am hosting with iPower. When I try to import the xml file I exported from my existing blog, the import window lists a few files then freezes. If you refresh the screen, it sometimes imports a few more files, but then eventually freezes all together. I’ve tried to do this several ways, importing for specific authors one at a time. Each file has only been about 1.5 mb. If I try to export/import the entire blog, it’s a 3.5 mb file. On my new host/server, I had them increase the php.ini to 5 mb, but that didn’t solve the problem.

    Please help.

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