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  • My wp_options database table is 15292.375 Kb in size.
    From what I read, this is certainly way too large and I’m wondering whether there’s a safe way to get this cleaned up?

    From what I read, there are some old plugins or I can go hack the database itself. Gives me the shakes really.

    What are other people’s experiences in a potential cleanup?

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  • BACK UP FIRST before you do anything!

    Next, I would use WP DBManager, WP-Optimize or a similar tool to optimize the database.

    Then, if the size is still large, the Clean Options plugin is useful for giving a list of possible unused options, but it may ‘over-clean’ the options if you use it to delete all the options.

    You can use the plugin to find candidates for deletion, but delete only options that you recognize as truly unused.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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