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  • I just tried installing WP-OpenID 2.1.8 on a WP 2.5.1 test blog at in preparation for adding it to my real blog. Unfortunately, when trying to use both i-name and URL OpenIDs, while I get to my OP fine, WP-OpenID ultimately tells me ” We were unable to authenticate your OpenID”.

    Is where some additional package I need to install to make this work? Or is it possibly a problem with DreamHost not having the right PHP crypto libraries installed?

    I transcript of the WP-OpenID plug-in stauts is below. You can contact me for more information at Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

    — Mike

    Status information: All Systems Nominal (Toggle More/Less)

    [INFO] database: WordPress’ table prefix

    [OK] object: OpenID Store

    [INFO] database tables
    Table wp_openid_associations exists.
    Table wp_openid_nonces exists.
    Table wp_openid_identities exists.

    [INFO] Include Path

    [INFO] WordPress version

    [INFO] MySQL version

    [INFO] PHP version

    [INFO] PHP memory limit

    [OK] Curl Version 7.13.2. SSL: OpenSSL/0.9.7e. zlib: 1.2.2. Supports: ftp, gopher, telnet, dict, ldap, http, file, https, ftps.

    [FAIL] library: GMP compiled into in PHP
    GMP does not appear to be built into PHP. This is highly recommended for performance reasons.

    [FAIL] library: BCMath compiled into in PHP
    BCMath does not appear to be built into PHP. GMP is preferred.

    [FAIL] Loaded long integer library
    The OpenID Library is operating Dumb Mode, since it doesn’t have a big integer library. Recommend installing GMP support.

    [INFO] Cryptographic Randomness Source

    [INFO] Plugin Revision

    [INFO] Plugin Database Revision
    Plugin database is currently at revision 24426.

    [OK] Overall Plugin Status

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