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  • I can’t add an identity url to any existing accounts. I have an admin account and tried adding an identity url. Didn’t work. I created a new account using OpenID and then tried to add another url to this account. Didn’t work.

    After I hit the “Add” button the screen reloads and takes me back to my profile page with no error or success message. When I go back to the identity urls the one I tried to add is not there either. Tried over and over again and it won’t add them.

    Is this a server issue? I’m hosted at Media Temple. They seem to support all the rest of the OpenID features.

    Any ideas?

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  • This is caused by redirecting to a wrong page after verifying identity. Hence the logic of identity insertion is not invoked.

    To fix the problem make the following:

    1. Find in the file logic.php the following string:
    case ‘add_identity’
    it is somewhere at line 233. Than move 2 lines down.

    2. Replace

    $return_to = ‘/wp-admin/’. (current_user_can(‘edit_users’) ? ‘profile.php’ : ‘profile.php’);


    $return_to = ‘/wp-admin/users.php’;

    3. Replace




    That’s it.

    One of my established subscribers with a LiveJournal OpenID has been unable to add it to his user account. I effected the changes indicated above by Aliaksei Harabchuk, but my subscriber’s attempts to add now silently fail. (There is no diagnostic, but the OpenID is not added.)

    Aliaksei – even your method does not work for WordPress 2.5 and WP-OpenID 2.1.8.

    have a look at this topic:
    The problem is the password hash in logic.php


    Huge thanks!

    Your fix works perfectly with WordPress 2.5, WP-OpenID 2.1.8 and PHP4!

    I tried your fix as listed above; I’m using WP 2.5.1, WP_OpenID 2.1.9 and MyOpenID as a provider.

    From the user screen, I try to associate an openid identity with an exisiting account, it redirects to the provider, comes back but the id is not associated.

    Any ideas?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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