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  • I am running WP 2.5.1 with both WP-OpenID and WP-Ajax-Edit-Comments, and I’m having a small glitch.

    When OpenID is active, the “edit your comment” link with the countdown of how much time is left to do so does not show up on comments. I, when logged in as the admin, can see the link bar for my editing/deleting/etc. options, but the nifty link for subscribers or drive-bys that times out is gone. So, while the actual ability to edit seems to still be there, my commenters can’t get to it.

    I assume this is some kind of hook overlap, but I’m not hook-savvy enough to find it myself. *rueful* Can anyone suggest a fix or workaround for this? I’d be happy to edit my comment.php file if there’s a way to call the link and counter manually…

    Almost forgot: link to a page free for experimenting on.

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  • On further experimentation, it looks as though this may actually be a cookie problem of some sort. Maybe. At any rate, after about half an hour away I went back and got my edit link with an openID login comment. When I logged out, the editing link remained (hence my thought that it’s a cookie thing), only to vanish when I made another comment with a different login. The second comment did not show any edit link at all.

    So I’m going to keep poking and see if it’s a log-in/log-out time-sensitive thing. Anyone who actually knows what’s going on is, of course, welcome to short-cut this and tell me. *hopeful look*

    Yet more experimentation shows that OpenID comments get edit links. Traditional not logged in comments (that simply supply name and email) do not get edit links unless WP-OpenID is deactivated.

    So I’m back to not knowing what to do to fix this.

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