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  • I’ve been experimenting with the WP Online store (WPOS) plugin for one of my clients & am impressed with the possibilities. The shipping module is a little light on for their needs so I set out to purchase the upgrade module for it. With the corporate credit card in hand I clicked my way through the WPOS web shop until the checkout page. Here it asked me to fill in a series of Create Login fields. I looked around for the Express Checkout, or a similar button, but there was nothing obvious. Despite requiring a lot of personal information on this page, there is no apparent Privacy Policy anywhere.

    Filling this in further would mean I am in breach of the security & privacy policies of the company I’m contracted to. I tried to access the Support section. It also required an account to be set up first.

    I then used the Live Help feature. After explaining my scenario to the operator, he/she then laughed, said I don’t know what I’m talking about, before breaking the session off.
    All this because I wanted to give a company some money.

    I have now trawled back through all the WP plugins I have purchased to date & not a single one of them required an account to be set up or any kind of registration prior to purchase. This was always an option.

    Despite very carefully not registering anything on the WPOS pages, I have received an email from them indicating I am “now successfully registered” & here’s your password.

    Arrogant in the extreme…

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  • Plugin Author garf90


    Hello again sir and wow…this is Garfield the creator of WP Online Store and your (normally) incredibly friendly chat room admin.

    I saw your post and had to put my side forward. Especially as you seem to have missed out the huge portions of the chat transcript where you where rude and kept telling me how to run my company and how we should sell our additional plugins, and that we are intruding on your privacy.

    1. As i tried to explain over and over.. the plugin you wanted to purchase (like all our modules) has a unique license attached to it. This is to avoid copying our products to multiple sites (standard procedure) also with our plugins you get lifetime upgrades.

    To get the latest upgrades you are notified via your WP admin AND you can always download the latest version via your CUSTOMER AREA. Additionally we give the customer the ability to reissue there software license anytime again via your CUSTOMER AREA.

    Being able to reissue your license yourself is important should you be moving a site from a development server to live server. Again all standard stuff that i tried to explain to you, to be repeatedly told, “that not how ANYONE does it” “you’re breaching my privacy policy” when in fact.. yes it is..EXACTLY how software developers do it.

    ALL of this is handled via simple customer area, that you set up while purchasing, we ask for basic details to validate the credit card..(FYI the same information we need even if we had a “guest checkout’) and info that is not even stored on the site anyway (not PCI)

    So eventually after 30 minutes trying to explain this very simple concept and being spoke to like i was an idiot, i had had enough…so just had to LOL (before i said something worse) and point out you have no idea what you’re talking about on this particular subject (my business) and then i left so i didn’t have to hear more rude and condescending comments.

    We offer free support which MANY WP plugins do not, so unfortunately our tolerance for rude, arrogant people may be lower than others.

    But a final time:

    without a customer area:

    1. You would have no (secure) area to find your downloadable product/s and future updates.
    2. You have nowhere to manage and reissue your product license/s

    Sorry it didn’t work out, but you need to be more polite when asking people for free support.

    You catch more flies with honey.

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