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  • Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu LAMP Server 11.10 on an old desktop PC.

    I followed it with an Installation of WP into my /var/www/ folder

    During the install (from my browser) I got the message “Unable to write wp-config.php” and wp spit out some text for me to copypasta and install manually.

    I did so… and moved the new file to /var/www/ using ssh.

    The site went up…

    upon trying to log in, I am presented with a white screen … same for trying to access the admin tools.

    I can’t help but think that this has something to to with the general problem of “Unable to write” that I encountered during install.

    please advise.

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  • See if this link helps you. Typically, a blank page means there’s errors and you have error reporting turned off.

    thanks, but didn’t help … I’ve probably made matters worse.

    is this my apache2 error log? or php5 error log?

    either way … logging is enabled, and all my logs are blank.

    now I have tried editing my htaccess and httpd.conf as well.

    I’m thinking that this has something to do on the server side.

    also that thread is geared towards people who use hosting service. I would like to mention that my host is sitting right here on my desk

    I think I will re-install an older version of wp to see if I have any luck, unless someone familiar with Ubuntu 11.10 can help … maybe I will download ubuntu 10.04 LTS and try with that.

    It’s your php error logging. Typically, you’ll turn it off after development. If it’s turned off you’ll just get a blank page instead of an error message. See if in the same folder as WordPress there’s a file called error_log and open it to see any errors. You can turn on error reporting to the screen by:

    edit your php.ini file and include this option:
    error_reporting = E_ALL

    Check the permissions for the /var/www directory. The default user for apache in Ubuntu is www-data.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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