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    I’m doing a short project for company that uses Roxen CMS exclusively for their websites. I’ve been in touch with the Roxen company, and they have no experience installing WP on their platform, so I’m hoping that someone here might have some suggestions.

    Roxen is using MySql 4.0 which would be fine for WP, but they have no PHP support except through CGI, which they don’t recommend “unless it’s absolutely un-avoidable”.

    Roxen CMS doesn’t have a blog module available, so my only other option is to build a blogging system by myself; I don’t have the time though – I’m supposed to write on the blog, not program it.

    Apart from getting the company to buy another server and have their Roxen box reroute certain queries ( & mimetype .php) to the secondary server running Apache/MySql/PHP, is there another viable solution?

    I’m not certain where to start with this; I am uncertain if I want to use the existing MySql DB that Roxen builds on to run WP, and I really don’t want to run two instances of Mysql on the same box in case they start to have sex and produce a horribly mutated offspring.

    The server is a Mac G4 running OSX.

    I would appreciate any suggestions from you wonderful people.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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