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  • I am trying to install wp-o-matic and I have no idea what this thing with the cronjob and crontab means… It gives very little instruction.. Can somebody help me?

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  • Ok, so I figured out what the cron job is, but it still won’t pull any posts. It also says this “Image cache path /home/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache is not writable!” under the options tab

    how do I fix this?

    Still haven’t been able to figure this out at all… searched the forums and cant find a similar error…


    to make that directory writable, you probably need to chmod it

    You can chmod it with an FTP program. Search google for chmod for more info. Hope this helps

    I got that part to work now, but when I pull the feeds… It only pulls the title, and when you click the link, the page doesn’t exist. Anybody have this problem?

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