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  • I have downloaded this plugin and i have activated it to no avail, I changed the image path, with still no success. My last option is to place a snippet of php in my theme. since i don’t have any theme file called the loop.php i am struggling with where to drop this in. Below is a list of my themes files. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    <?php if (function_exists(‘wp_notable’)) wp_notable(); ?>

    * sizes.css
    * canvas.css
    * custom-sample-all.css
    * fonts.css
    * custom-sample.css
    * skins.css
    * Stylesheet
    * print.css
    * Archives Template
    * falbum-wp.php
    * Footer
    * falbum.php
    * Main Index Template
    * install.php
    * Header
    * Links Template
    * functions.php
    * Sell Page Template
    * Sidebar
    * sidebar-ext.php

    thank you

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  • sayno2odor:

    The “loop” is simply code, not a specific file, it is found in the index.php and a couple other files and tell the browser to pull content like posts, etc.

    With the wp-notable code, put it in your index.php file somewhere around where it calls for the author name and timestamp, look for “author” or “post-info,” something like that and then you can determine where the social bookmarking links will appear on your blog.

    I hope this helps. I too am no coder so have learned step by step. Sorry no one has commented on this, I hope it’s not too late.


    I have tried doing this also, and only have text links. I even placed the loop code in where I want it.

    This frustrates me also as I would like the images and not the links. I, too, have checked the image path, and it is correct.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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