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  • WP not loading in Mozilla browsers… Firefox & Flock for example.
    Loads fine in Safari 2.0.4.

    Site: (upgraded to WP 2.0.8)

    Not even after upgraded to WP 2.0.8
    Tried all themes including the default theme & K2.
    Reloaded all files.

    PHP Version 4.3.8
    MYSQL Version 3.23.44

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  • You seem to have some kind of redirect going on. WP and redirects usually don’t play well together.

    Nope thats not it. Those are .htaccess 301 redirects and not all my domains have them. So far I’ve had no luck with WP under any domain on Firefox. Plus I temporarily removed the 301 redirects with no luck.

    Well since that is not the answer and there are no other responses I will assume that WordPress is not compatible with some Mozilla browsers and will therefore ditch WordPress for Movable Type which I know works.

    Gosh, I’ve never had any trouble with moz browsers and wp – going on 2 years now…. except for when Zone Alarm Suite did some wonky stuff that caused various problems.

    Only problem I see on your link in FF is that you need to do some serious css tweaking – the sidebar’s not where it should be….

    I will assume that WordPress is not compatible with some Mozilla browsers

    Your patience-fu is very weak. And that’s a silly assumption.

    I haven’t touched the CSS code. It was loaded “as is” meeting all the listed server requirements and steps. The only reply is of a redirect that doesn’t even apply to this directory.

    And your right… “Your patience-fu is very weak” as you say – is a silly assumption.

    That patience-fu comment was more about giving up on unpaid volunteer support in well under a day.

    If you’ve already carried through and moved on to MT you can disregard the rest of this.

    I’ve been doing this volunteer support thing for over a year now and your site is the first time I’ve seen something like this. It looks fine in IE. Looks fine in Opera. Loads no style aside from the inlined stuff in FF.

    Now, I do the majority of my web browsing with FF and I look at a lot of blogs. (Including all of my own). They all are quite viewable. As such, I can’t agree with your initial assumption that WP blogs break in mozilla.

    Do you have the live headers FF extension installed? (On my way to work so I don’t have a chance to install it) I noticed when I looked at your site with Firebug it flat out doesn’t see the CSS file being loaded. I wonder what the headers look like. Perhaps there’s an interesting server wrinkle.

    Thank you for your more comprehensive look at the code. Like I said earlier the application was installed “as is” from the download file and loaded fine in Safari until days later when I discovered Firefox’s loading issues. No extra extensions required were mentioned in the instructions.

    As for my patience, I have a deadline for which I need to get this tested and ready or I have to switch to MT out of necessity.

    looks like your server is configured to render your CSS files as text only (visit your stylesheet through the firefox browser window – choose “Tools>Page Info” – your server is rendering the CSS file as “text/plain” not “text/css”).

    IE and some others will overlook this.

    Try adding this to your .htaccess file:

    AddType text/css .css

    The extensions I mentioned are Firefox extensions used by web developers to better get a handle on what’s going on.

    I have no doubts that the the code is “as is”. I question what your server is actually sending, which is why I suggested checking the message headers.

    [edit: overlapped with doodlebee a bit there]

    You need to take wp-admin/upgrade.php off your server..while this will not help your situation, it is still there. I imagine that if I look hard enough the install directory would probably still be there too, which is dangerous for anyone using WP

    Thanks wabler. It’s only there due to the many installs and tests. This WP is not meant to be launched and will be removed when bugs are found whatever they may be.

    AddType text/css .css

    This appears to have been the issue. I spent more time on my own going over this code then I should have to find the problem. I’ve been asked by many nonprofit organizations lately to set up a blog to discuss their issues. Thanks.

    Good deal! Seems like something to bring up with whomever configured your web server.

    ooo..I feel all warm and gooshy inside – I actually *knew* something for once! Woo-hoo! 😉

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