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  • Ok, everything with my install was fine until all of a sudden, wordpress now doesn’t insert comment_author_email into the databse. I’ve crossed check everything with a second install and all seems to be the same.

    When one tries to make a comment, even if you do type your email address in, it still doesn’t insert it. And as a result gravatars don’t work either. But the thing is, my second install works just fine and inserts everythin correctly into the database.

    If this is not fixable or not understandable, how can I go about to doing a fresh new install (including a fresh new db) but restoring all my comments and posts into the new tables created in the db?

    thanks in advance,

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  • Is this happening for anyone that tries to post or just you? If it’s just you, make sure you have an email address specified in your WP user record. Logged in users who comment get their email and URL information from the user record, regardless of what they type in to the text boxes. If it’s everyone… we’ll jump over that if it comes.

    Have you added any plugins lately? Are there any differences between your main install and the second one?

    First of all, Thanks guys for the replies.

    @coldforged: this happens for both me and anyone else who tries to comment. And for the record, I do have an email address specified.

    @lbessant: Actually yes, the main difference between the two installs is the plugins. On the main one I have a whole lot of plugins activated while on the second install I have none. Are there any plugins that might cause this to happen? The only plugin that comes to my mind that might have something to do with this is the Subscribe to Comments plugin! I’ll try deactivating it and see if it works!

    Ok, after a lot of testing and whatnot, I found that the problems were caused by two plugins “moderate-pingbacks” and “moderate-trackbacks”. I guess these plugins don’t work that well with WP 1.5.

    Anywho, you can see the site over here now:

    I had this problem, too. The solution is to update the two plugins “moderate-pingbacks.php” and “moderate-trackbacks.php” to the newest version:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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