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  • Occasionally, my site has major database problems.

    I run 4 wordpresses, one of which has a fair amount of traffic. (the rest have trivial traffic).

    Everything runs smoothly until certain occasions in which the db seems to be overwhelmed.

    The hosting service reports:

    “Well, our watchdog notified us it had to kill some of your MySql
    > connections because you had 61 open connections to the ‘rjnagle_xxx’
    > database … Do you have any idea why you might have that many open connections at the same time ?”

    I’m not sure what he means or whether 61 open connections is abnormal. Can someone explains what is considered normal for a weblog with medium traffic.

    Here’s another interesting detail. We are running wp-shortstats which has bloated tables. 190 mb out of a 220 mb db. I can empty those tables and possibly remove the plugin.

    But are there any other possible causes or things to look out for?

    We have about 10-20 plugins running

    AdSense Manager
    All in One SEO Pack
    Bunny’s Technorati Tags
    Category Order
    CJD Spam Nuke
    Get Recent Comments
    Google Ajax Search
    Live Comment Preview
    No Ping Wait
    Popularity Contest
    Search Everything
    Simple Recent Comments
    WordPress Database Backup

    Thanks for your help.

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  • I just recently had a similar situation. It wasn’t so much that the connections weren’t being closed; actually I had a long-running query that was blocking all the others (causing them to sit in a “locked” state). Once the Couple “bad” queries were killed, all the others were able to finish up.

    Dunno if the same applies to you, but see if anything in this thread help?

    this actually does help a lot!

    but that’s what happens. The hosting service will hit the max connections, halt everything for about 2 minutes and then restart fresh. this happens every one or two days.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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