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  • I installed WP on GoDaddy (WP 2.0.5) and it seemed quite wonderful initially – no problems tweaking a theme or editing. But now, the HTML editor (raw HTML mode) takes forever to start, and all operations seem very slow, including displaying saved pages in a browser.

    I’m wondering if the source of the problem is GoDaddy, or it simply does take time for pages to be pulled from the server. I’ve visited many WP sites that don’t seem to have this problem. See test page here. Also, in the test page, notice the weird formatting of an ordered list toward the end. Is this what the I Ching calls “difficult at the beginning” – or is it a problem with v. 2.0.5., or what? Does anyone know if other hosts are faster for a WP site than GoDaddy? Thanks much.

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  • Godaddy is great for domain name registration (I have about 40 registered with them), but I have no webs hosted with them. If you have one of their $3.99 a month plans, then you pretty much get what you pay for….you are probably on a server with about a 1,000 other sites.

    I don’t have a lot of recent experience with other shared host since I have my own dedicated server for my production sites, but I do keep one account with Bluehost just for testing purposes. They seem to be pretty good.


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    I use GoDaddy for hosting (at the moment) and have not experienced any major problems with it. It’s speedy enough for my needs.

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