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  1. MMullins
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm looking to create a website that allows for shared knowledge and research about historical persons.

    Relevant features include the need to allow users to register, add entries for new persons, allow for feedback and new research about existing entries, follow/monitor updates to persons in the database, like/unlike user posts, search the site for persons of interest, notifying users of "success stories" when important discoveries are made, etc. So it will be a community-oriented site requiring some database functionality on the backend?

    Can anyone here recommend which theme(s) would be best-suited to such a site, and which plug-ins, etc., would be needed to achieve this functionality? Thanks.

  2. leejosepho
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Other than possibly for "like/unlike user posts", I believe WordPress will not need any plugins to do the things you have mentioned...and take a look here at some of the particulars:

    As to themes, do some searches with keywords such as these or any others that might begin helping you look for a beginning theme, and you can always switch to a different one later on without losing any of your site's content:

    note: I put "mobile" in that search while thinking of hand-held devices, but maybe remove that if that might not be a big concern.

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