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  1. Nrgy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am trying to setup a small blog network, and I seem to be running into small roadblocks here and there. The following is basically what I am trying to achieve:

    1. Homepage a NON WordPress site. Simple HTML page @ http://www.mydomain.com with links directing to the WP and BBpress site.

    2. Website's WP Blog at either blog.mydomain.com or mydomain.com/blog

    3. Website's bbPress forums at forums.mydomain.com using its own theme separate from the blog theme.

    4. Registered user created blogs using subdomains (ie. user1.mydomain.com)

    If I try to install WP onto a subdomain (ie. blog.mydomain.com), then the network blogs will be created on sub subdomains. (ie. user1.blog.mydomain.com)

    Likewise, if I try to install WP onto a subdir, mydomain.com/blog, then the network/multi blogs cannot use the subdomians.

    Is there a way to achieve what I am after that I am simply overlooking? I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

  2. I would suggest actually doing the homepage WITH WordPress, but using a static front page.

    Your blog, if you use subdirectories, will automagically post into domain.com/blog/permalinks anyway so that will 'pretend' it's in blog. You can't MAKE a site named blog though :/ If you use subdomains, you would have to make it named blog1 or something and then edit the database directly to force blog in there, though it can be done. That would let you have your subdomains for users as username.domain.com

    bbPress though is a plugin, and I don't know how you'd get it to be forums.domain.com UNLESS you make a WordPress site called forums, and only activate bbPress there.

  3. Nrgy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for the reply. I did a little research on the static front page, and it seems this is easier than I imagined to integrate an already existing HTML template.

    Since I was able to install WordPress right in the home directory, this made it no problem to create the subdomains for the multi user blogs.

    And as far as bbPress, yes that did the trick as well. I created a site called forums.domain.com and did just what you said. Activated the bbPress plugin along with the bbPress theme I uploaded.

    So far so good, yet I think that was the easy part. Now it's time to dig in and explore this CMS even further, which I'm sure will lead to even more questions :o But thanks for the help thus far!

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