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  • For me, uploading a photo for one of my blogs is easy. That’s because I understand some HTML. But for others that use WordPress and don’t know any HTML, it seems an impossible task.
    One might be able to figure out how to upload the photo and then insert the link into the blog. Other than that, you need to know HTML to make the photo display right unless you want a photo at the end of your blog that is 7 million pixels wide.
    A Solution:
    I have found that it looks much more professional by adding a bit extra HTML to the img tag that is inserted into the blog. First, place the img tag at the very beginning of the blog. Then you could add inside the img tag a simple “align=’left'” or “align=’right'”. With that, add onto the img tag a style=”margin: 5px” to pad the image and also a border=”1″. This next addition I think is probably the simplest way to make a thumbnail on the fly with a user who knows no HTML. Just add width=”200″. That’ll at least size it down to fit in the blog and look nice, but also make the whole image a link that will pop-up the whole original photo in a pop-up window for them to view.
    This should automatically be inserted when any image is uploaded to be used with the blog. Then the user doesn’t need to know to add the img tag into the blog and what-not.
    Now, I know for the rest of us who have quite a lot of experience in creating web pages, we alone could do alot better job. But I think if we make it easy for users to add a photo into one of their posts, it’ll make using WordPress alot more enjoyable.
    Then once that is implemented, you could even take it further by adding more photos to one post and just displaying those thumbnails at the bottom of the post.
    Blogs are great because we can say what we want. But most people would rather let a photo tell the story.

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  • most html properties u described would make the xhtml validator go mad.
    what you can do is make classes for left and right aligned images and add them to the img tag.

    Here is a WP-powered way of dealing very nicely with photos, done by LaughingLizard. Have a look and see for yourself.

    and anotherone of these threads! patience is the key (right shushubh? :). pictoralis functionality will at onme point in opne form or another be incorporated into WP, or at least that is what I think 😉

    hopefully it will be added soon. I refuse to return to the old way of including photos

    I am confused here. How can the functionality provided by Pictorialis work for a normal blog? Pictorialis template has the image placed at a specific position so the image upload does not actually need a code in the post content. Normal blog on the other hand, you need to specify manually where to place the image. So, practically speaking you will have to insert the code anyways…

    Pictorialis is more a photlog, right? I would like a way to do this: show a post containing a thumbnail on the main page. Only if the post’s permalink is clicked, then show the post with the full-sized picture.
    If you have say 10 posts with one 50/60KB pic in each one, you need the above functionality if you want to load the page with any pictures in an acceptable time.
    This would be mid-way between a words-only blog and a photolog, much closer to a newspaper (fronttpage teasers with small pics, articles with big pics inside).

    MT includes the code for the thumb in an article with no need to edit or add code, almost just like Pictorialis. Open a new article, upload, choose thumb size, click ok, then code is inserted into the article you started. The thumb is linked to a popup window that exactly fits the photo. After the code is inserted you write in text. Publish.
    Alignment can be done in style sheet.
    It would be a great idea to hack this photoblog into adding them to an article. It is very close to that now…

    Can’t edit or find my own posts, WordPress has the worst forum of any software. Above link is no longer valid. Sorry.

    Why not use Flickr and this plug-in:

    can’t get any easier than this really.

    Try using Photopress:

    And then use some css values such as those found in this trhead:

    But I agree, something like this should be added in by default 🙂

    When Word Press can be used with something like ‘Hello’ or even better when Picasa allows imapges to be sent to a blog, then we will have the photo management we need…

    For Photopress::

    I added some code making it easy to change alignment for images.
    In the file upload.php, before the end of the upload form (round row 170 in my version) add this:
    Align image
     Left:<input type=”radio” checked=”true” name=”align” value=”alignleft” />
     Center:<input type=”radio” checked=”true” name=”align” value=”centered” />
     Right:<input type=”radio” checked=”true” name=”align” value=”alignright” />
    And a bit futher down after case ‘upload’:, add

    $pp_align = $_POST[‘align’];
    It gives you a option to choose alignment when uploading the image file in photopress.

    for the life of me it is painstakingly dreadful having to add a photo to a post…obviously a newbie…i’ve used and it’s sooo easy to do this, why isn’t it here?
    can someone please help without the “tech” instructions..
    thx a million….

    What else is there to explain, focusbeyond? Follow these EASY steps.
    1. Go to the upload menu
    2. Upload your photo
    3. Copy the code
    4. Go to the write section
    5. Paste the code into the post section
    6. When you are ready to publish, the photo will show up in your post.
    Tah Dah!

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