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    now that version 3.2 is out I think it is time to put in WP 3.3 a fully functional dashboard import/export function.
    I’ll test it just on two 3.2 sites and i will file all bugs reports, last time i’ve used it it was like a swiss cheese…..
    Have it working between faraway old versions of WP is probably complex but at least as a backup tool it must work on new installations.

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  • It used to part of WP core but was removed in 3.0 (if I remember correctly). I assume that wasn’t a decision taken lightly and that, for this reason. it’s unlikely to re-introduced into core.

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    The plugin way is a bit strange.
    I haven’t seen a single backup program with an optional restore…
    WP is now a BIG tool, and it should have a proper backup/restore like a real OS, Seven for example 🙂

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    WP isn’t an OS.

    And an export of your site isn’t a backup. Backing up your WEBSITE is a job best served by server apps, not a CMS. It’s a best tool for the job thing. I use cpanel for all my backups.

    The import/export is mostly for moving your site.

    Ipstenu, I think this is not a valid argument – of course a webapp can be expected to be able to export / import itself from one webserver to another with all plugins + themes + settings and uploaded files, in one word everything – nobody would accept a desktop application that can not save files or settings, would look totally awkward – only webapps still are in a mostly very primitive state regarding basic backup / import / export features that every user is able to use (not only your personal linux admin).

    Short-sightedness or better said short-mindedness seems to be a typical predicate of the modern web-app-developer. Would be great to have people learn to program real applications before they start building webapps, just to get the basics right.

    For the OP: I found DUPLICATOR to be a really helpful tool – however it is a one-time-copy-the-whole-wp-instance way of moving one site to another server, but it worked well.

    I am constantly evaluating automatic-update and deployment options in wordpress-world and it is a very frustrating experience, especially if you take a look into the elegant rails- or django-based deployment options it feels like stone age, very annoying. Aptitude like updates? No. Database migrations? No. Well-thought staging mechanism with git backend? Man, what are you dreaming…? Of course NO!

    Seems like millions of admins are wasting days of work building their own custom solution over and over again – what a waste of time! All these guys could be working on a new global financial system or on a way to get rid of corrupt governments instead!

    Ironically there is no AUTOMATTIC in WordPress Deployment World.

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    nobody would accept a desktop application that can not save files or settings

    Microsoft Word. Yes, you can save a file with everything, but have you ever tried to copy your custom settings from one PC to another?

    Anyway, you CAN copy everything from WP to another server:

    1) Copy all the files
    2) Copy the database
    3) Update the wp-config.php file to point to the new DB

    Honestly, though, you’re not backing up WORDPRESS at this point, you’re backing up your WEBSERVER, which was my point 🙂 There’s already a great way to do it, it works well, it puts zero added strain on your website’s uptime and speed (which is what most people care about), and … it works.

    I’m not short-sighting this, I’m FAR sighting (I’m looking past JUST WordPress and into real-world aplications). I know that while some people have JUST a WP blog as their site, many others do not. Instead of having six or ten separate backup tools, each per-application, it’s more efficient to have one. That’s what we do at work for 25 different webapps on one server. It’s faster, it’s all encompassing, and it saves my bacon.

    That said, WP has a PAID backup tool. It’s called VaultPress:

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