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  • Hello,
    I have having a strange problem that I cannot find the cause.

    In the WordPress admin when I click in Appearance->Menus I get an Internal Server Error on the main site ( of a multisite installation. I am NOT getting this error on any of the other sites running on this installation (e.g. All the other admin menu items work on the main site and all the other sites.

    PLEASE READ THIS. I have de-activated all plugins and the problem persists. And I have re-installed WordPress 3.04

    I recently upgraded to 3.04. This was not a problem with 3.0 or 3.01.

    These are the active plugins.
    Exclude Plugins
    Gravity Forms
    jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries
    WPMU DEV Update Notifications
    WPMU DEV Domain Mapping

    On the screen stop rendering at the menu, so only the header shows. When I set debug to true I get no errors. I have now commented out the wp_nav_menu function and all the screens render but without the menu. This a child theme of TwentyTen and strangely and (another child theme of TwentyTen) work fine, with their 3.0 menus.

    I have been very thorough in my trouble-shooting as well as searching for answers in the forums and online but am now stuck. I would really appreciate some suggestions.

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  • Hello,
    I figured out the answer. My client somehow deleted a bunch of categories and really screwed things up. And now I get to figure out how to fix it.

    Thanks, for your time.

    Thanks for figuring out the answer! After you said somehow the categories were deleted, I remembered that my issue with the 500 internal server error happened after I went into the MENU tab and created 2 categories with one being in the hierarchy setup.

    HOW TO FIX THIS ISSUE: Go into the “POSTS” tab and click on categories, if only one is showing select that one and “EDIT” then where it says “parent”, select one of the other categories and update. They should appear back on the main categories screen. Now DELETE the categories that were created. If you still don’t see the categories you made keep messing with it until you find them and delete them! I just did this after wrecking my brains for 5 hours and figured it out.

    Now when I click the MENU tab no 500 error it has re-appeared!!

    Really hope this helps all and anyone that has this horrible issue. I will be contacting WORDPRESS tonight to find out what is the deal with this CATEGORY issue.

    Good luck!

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