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  • I recently created one wordpress multisite.Added two websites as sub-domains.The sub-domain websites are created in the database.But I didn’t find in server file system.

    During installation,edited the wp-config file and .htaccess and asked my network-provider to configure wildward.He asked me the file location of sub website for redirecting.But the upload folder is empty for me.

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  • The wildcard should point to your web root or the directory under it where WordPress resides. That is done in your Control Panel so you should be able to do that yourself by adding a subdomain then pointing the subdomain at the ‘public_html’ location of the main domain.

    Wildcards may not work on the host itself but if your host asked then they probably will work. wildcards should work in the DNS anyway so the Control Panel may or may not need adjusting after the next subdomain is added. Just keep that in mind.

    WordPress does all the domain mapping in a Multisite which is why your subs should all point at the web root.

    You won’t find any extra directories or files added for the individual sites except under the wpcontent/uploads directory. You might look around that later but everything is done in the database and the web root.

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