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  • I have several small WP sites which I’d like to group into a single WP Multisite install.
    Let’s say I have:

    Guess that I will have a redirection for each site at my domain registrar which will redirect to to to

    Question 1: Does this make sense?
    Question 2: can I have a SEPARATE db for each one of these sites?

    What about languages? I want English to be the DEFAULT language of all sites, wether it’s used in the site or not.

    Let’s say:
    site01 is in English, French, Spanish
    site02 is in English, German, Portuguese
    site03 is in German only

    How does his translate into wordpress? with a change of redirection at the registrar from to until English is used on the site.

    Question 3: is this possible?

    Question 4: can I use the same database for each site, with a different table prefixe for each additional language, ie. wp_en, wp_fr, wp_de, etc…?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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