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  • danie911


    Good day
    I have installed WP Multi Site. I have realized that the Network Admin option is not available to screen reader users. My friend send me the direct link which is Is there anyone using a screen reader who can give me advice on how to access the page without copying the direct link every time.
    Drawing from my problem above, I want to know how to read all submenu items, which seems not to be read out by screen readers.
    If this is a general problem, devs should try to fix it.
    What I’ve tried

    • Tabbing through the menu
    • Use arrow keys through the menu
    • Direct interaction with the menu with the screen reader.


    • Screen reader: NVDA V21.1
    • OS: Windows 10 latest update
    • Browser: Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    • WordPress: WordPress Version 5.8

    Thank you in advance

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    • This topic was modified 11 months ago by danie911.
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  • Tara King


    Hi @danie911!

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of what you’re seeing & which software you’re using.

    It looks like you’ve bumped into a known bug with WordPress:

    I linked your post to that issue, in the hopes that it might help get the bug fixed. Thanks for reporting this!

    Thread Starter danie911


    Thank you for the reply.
    I’ve checked out the post, and it is indeed the same problem. My apologies for creating an extra forum post. I’ve also seen (Might be wrong) that this problem is out there for over 6 years?
    I really hope this can be addressed.

    Tara King


    No worries at all about the extra forum post — it’s much better to have an extra post than to not know about the problem!

    And yeah — that issue is six years old. Yikes. Hopefully your report can help get some extra attention toward it.

    For now, you could:

    1. Navigate to the toolbar.
    2. Try using the key combination of insert and space to switch from NVDA’s browse mode to focus mode (it gives a typewriter sound for feedback).
    3. Then expand the My Sites menu by pressing the Enter key.
    4. Tab to the Network Admin link and press Enter again.

    I was able to expand the My Sites menu and then activate the Network Admin link, both with the Enter key, using Firefox and Chrome on Windows with NVDA. However, expanding each sub-menu still does not work.

    In addition to fixing the problems with that dropdown, I think the Network Admin link should be on the My Sites page to avoid relying so much on the toolbar.

    The new content and profile dropdown menus have similar issues, too.

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