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    I have an existing/functioning WP MU installation and I have worked with a developer to set up a test install of a *Diaspora pod on the same VPS. I am no longer imagining trying to scale the WP network installation to a large number, but I would like to continue to create and maintain a small number of WordPress as sub-domains to the domain to be occupied by *Diaspora or similar open-source social network.

    I am getting ready to separate my WP and *Diaspora servers into separate VPS slices on Slicehost. Because WP was installed as a sub-domain type network, I would like to configure the DNS accordingly, but I want the social network to use the main domain and it’s associated subdirectories.

    Is it possible to have WordPress blogs in this situation in subdomains with the main domain not occupied with a blog? I am not seeing a way to disable the main domain’s blog in my current setup.

    I apologize for my woeful ignorance in these matters!

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)



    See, generally the answer is ‘If you want WP to use Subdomains, then WP must be installed in the domain root.’

    But. But. If you had, say, WP installed in a separate domain ( and then mapped the subdomains (so mapped to then possibly.

    I’ve suggested this to various people, no one’s come back and said I suck and it didn’t work 😉 But I don’t know if it will.



    Do you mean map the subdomains so maps to

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    (@ipstenu) is effectively the same as

    You can map either version 🙂

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