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  • I am trying to get WP-CLI working in Laragon (WAMP) and I have isolated a specific problem for me in MU-Migration that generates a SED not found error and fails. Yet if I just type SED at the command prompt I get the list of available SED options so the path (as far as Laragon is concerned is fine). It seems that MU-Migration is checking for SED installation and failing when that is not the case. In Laragon the path to SED is C:\laragon\bin\git\usr\bin whilst MU-Migration has this function code that fails.

    	private function check_for_sed_presence( $exit_on_error = false ) {
    	$sed = \WP_CLI::launch( 'echo "wp_" | sed "s/wp_/wp_5_/g"', false, true );
    	if ( 'wp_5_' !== trim( $sed->stdout, "\x0A" ) ) {
    	if ( $exit_on_error ) {\WP_CLI::error( __( 'sed not present,...

    I am not competent to either edit this or figure out how to work around it but perhaps someone else has encountered the same problem?
    btw I heartily recommend Laragon for local development – its free and fast.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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