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  • Hi!

    i recently started experimenting with wordpress (i’m sort of a N00b but i really learn fast and i’m just experimenting).

    Installing the modified ((i’m running wordpress on a subfolder instead of the root page) version of the domain mapping i encountered that as soon as i installed it, my “base” webpage (the webpage where i install the network which is go nuts and becomes then unreachable due to an infinite loop when redirecting it or something (right now i have redirected and masked my page from to and the redirection goes from the .com/ to the .com/spanish -where i have installed my wp-)

    the mapping which i was doing from some sub-folder of the page to another domain went fine (as it could… but that is another problem) so… what am i doing wrong? maybe it’s the modified plugin that’s screwing me(?)

    as soon as i install and activate the wp mu domain mapping plugin, the infinite loop problem starts. if i deactivate it, it returns to normal :S

    i read a ton of forums and stuff but still no luck!

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