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  • A plugin written by drDave and myself that allows you to have a random quote based on the mood that you are in at the time of your last post, or can be used just to display random quotes. It requires you to be logged in to edit the quotes file, but you don’t have to configure it with new usernames and passwords, it uses the wordpress cookie. is the homepage, and soon there will be screenshots (if they aren’t already up).

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  • Warning – I followed your instructions, and my site stopped working. You instructed “Chmod the folder wp-content to be writable by the server (666 is an example)” . My site stopped working. For whatever reason, all of my plugins were deactivated by this. Maybe it should be 766 not 666?

    possibly, i’m going to change the docs to recommend 0777 just in case

    I’m intersted in this plug-in but I’d like to be reassured that my site won’t die before I try it.

    it won’t die, if you like you can see a working example at drDave’s site.
    If you need help installing it i’d be glad to help.

    Still had problems getting it to create the quote file. The problem seemed to be a pathing one.
    Should be: $file_path = “./quote_file.txt”; not
    $file_path = “../quote_file.txt”
    at least thats what I had to change to get mine to work.

    oh, you must’ve downloaded the archive before there was the fix, i’m sorry about that. You might try downloading it again, it should work correctly out of the box now

    Ok, running 0.2d now, I hope that is the lastest version. Pathing seems fine now, but no matter where I put the insert line:
    <?php get_mood_quote(false); ?> nothing appears. No error message either, nothing returned as far as viewing the source shows. I’m using false to keep things simple.
    Maybe you could be clearer what you mean by “Open up the template(s) that you would like the quotes to appear on, and add this line anywhere you would like the quote to appear:
    <?php get_mood_quote(); ?> Can you give an example of a file with this line added?
    Also, your docs say “Download the plugin from the download page, save it as a wp-mood-quotes.php ” but I think you want it to be wp-mood-quote.php to be consistant.

    eh, yeah, i’m so sorry for all the doc errors and stuff, thrown together during the afternoon, not in my 3AM prime.
    I would suggest making sure that the plugin is activated in the admin panel and that there are quotes already added, otherwise it will problably show nothing. If there is still a problem you might visit the contact page on my website so we can sort if out faster and get a new version posted if needed.

    To get them to show on my site I have to put:
    <? echo get_mood_quote(true); ?>
    because on line 49 of the script you are “returning” the variable instead of “echoing”
    49: return $sub_quotes[rand(0, count($sub_quotes)-1)][1];
    should be:
    49: echo $sub_quotes[rand(0, count($sub_quotes)-1)][1];

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